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In Today’s Complex Financial World, Axum is committed to closing the wealth gap through a foundation of education and investment strategies designed to help individuals and Organizations reach their Financial Goals.

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The Axum Commitment

Forty-Three percent of Americans raised in the bottom quintile remain stuck in the bottom as adults, and 70 percent remain below the middle.

-Pew Charitable Trust, Pursuing the American Dream

Wealth makes it easier to respond to emergencies, build a suitable retirement income, and comfortably live the lifestyle of your choosing. Unfortunately, wealth in this country is unequally distributed.

Financial education, however, is the great equalizer. It is the mission of the Axum Community to address systemic social injustice and economic inequity by providing access to quality education and affordable financial planning.

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When you choose to join our Community you are making a commitment to more than just the acquisition of financial knowledge. It requires changing behaviours developing systems and prioritizing financial action steps.

As consultants we will never sell you products. The focus is to create economic financial independence through sound financial decisions.

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